Eva van der Voet

Enthusiastic, Energetic and focus on Experience. 3 x the E of Eva.

These three Es match my name and personality, and they are also a perfect fit for the training programmes of Artesc. I hope that you will discover the possibilities to excel on stage with the Artesc method. Getting great results over and over again is so cool! And what's more, the training is fun and the people at Artesc are really special.

About me, I graduated as a drama teacher in 2011 in Tilburg and currently live in Rotterdam. After graduating, I worked as an actor in various training programmes for several organisations. I also worked as a drama teacher at a secondary school for six years.

Currently, I work as a freelance communication trainer, a career coach for individuals and I still role play scenarios for training programmes. The variety in my work keeps me inspired.

I look forward to working with you!