Who are we?

Artesc is a group of Dutch artists, teachers and scientists who share one passion: improving your performance on stage and on the page with ideas from theatre and prose.


Because a lack of audience attention is a world-wide problem. It gets in the way of teaching, writing and presenting everywhere. In theatre and prose, however, this problem does not exist, which is why we wanted to bring solutions from the arts to help you communicate better. And looking at these solutions we found something unexpected.


Underneath the complex pile of ideas we discovered one idea that forms the basis of all other ideas. Everything that works in theatre, music and prose is based on the needs we have in a normal chat. The next step was to translate these needs to presenting and writing. The result: substantially better teaching, presenting and writing.

Since the ideas are universal, our courses are not restricted by borders, age or culture, meaning we can help out everywhere.

And that is exactly what we want to do: improve communication wherever we can. We are active in seven countries already, and starting a London-based group today.

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow, we really hope to be able to help you, in your faculty, your school, or company, wherever you may be. We hope to see you soon!



What if you could present like a performer,
teach like an actor or write like a prose writer?

Bringing skills from the arts to communication

Artesc is a group of artists, teachers and scientists who unravelled the secrets of performance and writing to bring excellence to teaching, presenting & writing in science, teaching, business and law. Skills we can teach you in only a couple of days!

What we
can do for



Just a guess: if you are on this page, you probably want to improve your presenting or writing skills. Why? Because you believe that your story matters and you want to get it across in a more exciting way, with greater clarity and more flair. We discovered that, without fail, this comes down to reaching, activating and involving your audience, which is why our courses focus on these themes.

If you have a general interest, please take a look at present or write and see what we can do for you.

If you happen to work in science, teaching, business or law, please visit our specialised course pages.

Explore what we have in store or go directly to the course calendar if you already know what you want.