Welcome Lawyers. Keepers of balance in the legal trade. Supporting your client and making sure that the law is secured. When it comes to pleading you know what to say and what to do. What remains mystery is what performance skills can do for you. And you need performance skills since you play on one of the most complex stages in the world.

In front of you the judge, who already knows the case, behind you the audience who doesn’t and next to you your client who needs to feel your support. And you need to convince them all, some very close, some far away.

So you wrote a plead, and then you read it out loud. But is that the best text to read out loud? And how to adjust your tone of voice, your posture and tempo to the audience? They are everywhere and they have different needs.

And last but not least you need to convince. And convincing arguments is one thing, but sending the subtle signals that convince is something else.

In the courses on the left you will find artists solutions to your challenges on paper and in the court of law. With these ideas you can present with more confidence, write with more ease and plead with more flair and confidence.

Skills from the arts – To help you do justice to justice