Hello Academia. Does it matter whether you are a young scientist, a postdoc, an assistant professor or a group leader? No, you all devote your lives to improving the world by understanding it and sharing your findings. And to be able to share what you find, you need to get your message across.

The good news: luck is on our side.

The days when truth equalled boring communication are over. We all want the quality of our talks and writing to match the quality of our work. And since the next step in science is always about getting your ideas across, communication skills are vital.

But, let’s face it, it is a tough job to get your ideas on paper and an even tougher job to keep people's attention when giving a talk. That is exactly where prose writing skills and theatre skills will help you.

In the courses to the left you will find artists' solutions to your challenges both on paper and on the 'scientific stage'. These ideas allow you to present with more confidence, write with greater ease and lead with more flair and confidence.

You solve the problems of tomorrow
So we need your message today
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