Welcome, teachers of the world, eager to inspire and activate your pupils and students. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your students and pupils were as attentive in your class as they are when watching a movie? Well, there is a way: it turns out that every word spoken in class needs performance to really make an impact. Of course, performance is an actors' trade and they use theatre skills to perform. If theatre skills were available to you, you could do more justice to your performance and change your pupils into active listeners.

We found that you need three steps to get everything theatre has to offer up and running in your teaching. First you need to learn theatre skills, which allow you to perform in an authentic way that reaches your students and pupils. A next step is to make them care by adding the skill of storytelling. And, last but not least, you will activate and excite them with skills from games and theatre. Even really good teachers can double their impact with these tools.

With simple skills from theatre you can
lift your teaching to the next level
in just a couple of weeks.

We all need that next level.
because teaching matters
more than anything.