Whatever the aim, it’s you on stage. Sharing ideas with the audience in front of you. Why? Because your ideas need to be heard. Then you need to get most out of your performance. But you might struggle with the complexity of giving a talk. So many things to remember. And what to with your hands and how can you make eye-contact with everybody. And oh, those nerves….

We can help you to go on stage with more confidence, pleasure and impact. To get there you need to fulfil three needs of your audience. You need to reach, activate and involve them like you do every day in a normal chat.

In the courses on the left you can learn how to make this happen. The short workshop is nice to experience what theatre has in store. In the longer courses you can learn how to reach your audience with theatre skills, involve them with story-skills and even better, combine the two in ‘the Art of Presenting’. You can start where-ever you want.

With simple skills
from theatre
you can lift your
presenting skills
to a next level in
just a couple of days

Why not grant yourself
the pleasure to enjoy
performing even more.