Without you it will never work!

At the moment our teams in the Netherlands and the UK are complete but if you are interested to join one of the teams in the future we are glad to hear from you. We hope to have future opportunities for new colleagues who either support courses, give courses or help Artesc grow.

For the support staff we hope to need enthusiastic communicative supporters who
1. Love to make things work
2. Are great communicators in both Dutch (Artesc NL) and English (Artesc NL + Artesc UK)
3. With heart for our clients
4. Good sense of humour

For the training staff we hope to need enthusiastic free-lance trainers

1. Artists with a background in theatre or writing or
2. Scientists or teachers with a passion for theatre or writing
3. Have three days per week availability
4. Enthusiasm to teach about one course day a week
5. Able to give courses in Dutch and English
6. Experience as a trainer or teacher

For the colleagues that help Artesc grow we look for people with the same background as a trainer, but then also the ability to help expand our network, or even start a group.

Of you are interested please send your application to office@artesc.org. We will get in touch with you as soon as we are in need of new colleagues.