Start an Artesc Group

This is a page about happiness.

The last decade, we have found it extremely rewarding to collaborate in a team of artists, scientists and teachers and see people really develop their skills in a very short period of time. That’s happiness: for the participants, for the artists, the scientists and the teachers giving the courses.

Maybe it makes you really happy to help other people present or write better. You might be an actor, a playwright, a prose writer. Or maybe you are a teacher who likes to perform, or a scientist who loves to write short stories.

If you feel that presenting and writing could be so much better and if it makes you really happy to facilitate this, then teaching Artesc courses might be something for you. And if you also know people who would be really happy to organise it all, and clients who are happy with your help, then you can start to build an Artesc team.

We have everything you need to do so:

1. Course programmes that are always effective and internationally recognised
2. Materials to support the course and an up-to-date website
3. An organisational structure that has proven successful over the last decade
4. A plan to help you build your own Artesc group from scratch without having to invent everything yourself
5. Support to make it all happen

If you want to be part of a growing international network, we could solve a world-wide problem together.

Get in touch to learn more and become connected to a growing network.