Job Interview TheatrePresent, Reach + Convince

Going towards a next job and you want to increase your personal impact in a job interview or a job interview presentation. Good news for you: We have the tools to get the best part of you to take over.

In four half days you will learn to reach the people in front of you, really connect with them and overcome whatever is bothering you. With simple tools from theatre you can get the best feeling possible across. You will learn to do that in the context of a presentation but also in the context of a one to one talk. We will optimise both to make you equipped for the job hunt season and learn to perform with confidence and ease.

All in all: Learn to connect, convince and make a great impression. Everything theatre has to offer to help you make a next step in your career.

4 half days – every 2 weeks – 5 hrs homework – 7 participants per trainer