Fant de Kanter

As a composer, I sometimes struggle with the solitaire aspects of my profession, so I always enjoyed the temporary gigs I did for theatre, especially when it came to joining the stage as a musician and/or an actor. Or while practicing my most recent vocation, as a classical music DJ.

So now I’m a teacher for Artesc, I find great joy in pushing peoples boundaries to explore their hidden skills according to presentation, and show them the vast opportunities of making a storyline that flows, which is rather similar to the art of composing music.

The music I’m currently writing shows all kinds of musical influences that affect me, as they get more and more intertwined. Broadly put, these are the classical structures as developed up till now on the one hand, as well as the pulse and intensity of pop music on the other. Therefore, as musical genres dissolve even further, music itself will more and more derive from the idea music as a whole. This I call composing by intuition.
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