Gijs Meeusen

Hello, I am Gijs Meeusen. After I became a composer with a PhD in Physics I founded Artesc together with Jeanne van den Oever. During my PhD years I studied composition, and because I love to create and help as well I was at the basis of most of the Artesc courses and the ideas behind them. What I like most in Artesc is to see people progress extremely fast becoming beautiful on stage and on the page. You truly never fail to amaze me.

Another part of my life is devoted to writing classically oriented music for everything ranging from solo flute to symphony orchestra. My music tends to be colourful and expressive. It is everything but modernistic and at the same time it is very much music of today. Another activity is writing stories and performing as a storyteller with or without music to it.

Hope to see you in a concert or a course soon!

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