The Art of PleadingPresent, Reach, Activate + Involve

If you really want to make work of incorporating ideas from the arts to give more power to your pleading, the Art of Pleading is the course for you. You will both look at theatre skills to improve the impact of your performance as well as writing tools to make you able to write a plead that resonates with the minds of the court.

In this course you will learn write a plead with writers tools and plead with theatre skills. One of these skills will make you able to continuously support the content and optimize your personal impact and overall convincingness. This will result in maximum attention throughout and it allows you to get the best part of you in court.

Result: More effective writing, more impact and more justice to you, your agenda and the content.

Simply more justice

3 days or 6 half days – 2 weeks apart – 3 hrs homework – 7 participants / trainer