Court Theatre WorkshopPresent + Reach

So there you are. Client next to you, judge in front. He already had six cases, this is number seven. ‘Mister President, Honorable Members of the Court’.

How to effectively play with your intonation, tempo, pitch, emphasis, eye-contact and gestures is a mystery to most lawyers. But it is a trade well known to performing artists.

In this half day workshop we would be delighted to be your guide in exploring theatre skills. Learn what theatre has in store, see which pitfalls you have and be astound by the improvements others make if they make subtle changes in their behaviour.

Meet the basic ideas that make your pleading memorable and convincing. Discover the secrets from theatre, investigate the impact of subtle changes in your performance. Last but not least: Learn what it takes to keep the attention of the court, and give your client the feeling that you are there for them.

Great to inspire an away day from the office and a great start to explore what theatre can do for you.

Couple of hours / half a day – up to 12 participants / trainer