Story Tools for WritersWrite + Involve

So you can write a fluent text and it is all well organised. Great. But where is the excitement? If you want to get more excitement on the page you need to look behind the words. That’s where the real action is.

What is it that makes the real action? Story Tools! Stories move us, they make us involved and most important; they make us want something… and then?

Romeo wanted Juliet… and
Hamlet wanted revenge…

And your story?
What should we want in your story?

In this course you will learn to play with the hopes and desires of your reader and get excitement in return. Notably challenging if you do not write about people. How to make your reader excited about a project, a plan or a technical description. Story Tools for Writers: Because excitement is just around the corner.

NO, it isn’t anymore. What happened?

3 to 4 half days – 2 weeks apart – 3 hrs homework – 10 participants / trainer