Creative Writers ToolsWrite, Reach + Get the writing done

Memo to all! Stop gazing at an empty page and learn to write your reports or papers with maximum impact on the reader in less time.

Creative Writing Tools will help you to write better and faster using tools from prose writers. You will learn to write sentences that resonate with the mind of the reader and paragraphs that allow your reader to breathe. Next, you will learn to create a line through your text that prevents your reader from losing track.

Along with that you will also learn to speed up your writing process, prevent writers block and at the same time write with more pleasure and ease. Most important, you will learn what your personal challenges are, and face them with success.

Creative Writers Tools: All you wanted to know about writing, except for boring grammar!

4 half days – 2 weeks apart – 3 hrs homework – 10 participants / trainer