Excite Your Story!Present + Involve

So you told them why your idea was a good idea, and you showed them the reasons for it. And you just did not get the excitement you hoped to get. But it’s a great idea for the company. Hello! Is there anybody out there?

If you want to inspire and motivate your colleagues, clients and stakeholder: use stories. Stories are made to inspire, they are made to make people want something. And wanting something is the first step to action. In this course you will learn to shape your message in the form of a story and increase our involvement and urge to act.

To help you on the way to story design we made the translation from stories to your content. Along with story design will dive into storytelling with style so you can tell the story like a storyteller.

If you want to inspire, it is time to excite your story.

   3 half days – 2 weeks apart – 5 hrs homework - 7 participants / trainer