Theatre Skills WorkshopPresent + Reach

Presenting to colleagues, stakeholders, clients or to the board. It’s all in a day’s job in business life. And to make that great impression you worked very hard to get slides that say it all. And there they are, shining on the screen. Everybody is looking. And you feel your heart beat everywhere.

That’s when you think; ‘If I would be an actor, I could do this.’
But where to begin?

In this two hours workshop you can meet the basic ideas that makes your performance work everywhere. Discover the secrets from theatre, investigate the impact of subtle changes in your performance. Last but not least, you will learn what it takes to keep the attention of an audience regardless of the content your present.

Great to inspire a day away with the team and an excellent start to explore what theatre can do for you.

Couple of hours – up to 60 participants / trainer