Present with Theatre SkillsPresent + Reach

So there you are. Giving an update on your project, presenting the latest results or trying to get everybody enthusiastic about this new opportunity. The audience is willing, everybody is interested, and you just want to do the best job possible. That’s when you would be glad to have theatre skills to help you get most out of the fifteen minutes to come. Skills to help you do justice to your talk, make a great impression and keep the attention throughout.

In this course you will learn to use theatre skills that will turn your colleagues and stakeholders into active listeners. You will also learn to use style to highlight important parts in your talk as well as guiding the attention to your slides and back again.

Result: They can’t escape your message!

Extra’s: More energy, more clarity and an exciting performance.

3 half days – 2 weeks apart – 3 hrs homework – 7 participants / trainer