Activate!Present, Reach + Activate

So you are lucky. You are organising a workshop for your colleagues or stakeholders to get all the ideas on the table, invent new ones and to create an inspiring start of the project. But how to shape this afternoon, and how to make sure you are going to get most out of it? Maybe begin with a long presentation?....

If you really want to get a group to work energetically it is time to investigate what makes people active. And everything that makes people active is present in games and sports. The next step is to make a translation from what you want to achieve to a form that really activates. The next challenge is to lead the action so there will be maximum energy throughout the workshop.
Next to games and guidance you will learn how to use activation tools from theatre and prose. These will help with your introductions and will help you gain impact in one to one conversations.

All in all: Learn to use and lead games and power up an energetic day.
Everything games and theatre have in store to activate.

3 half days – 2 weeks apart - 3 hrs homework – 7 participants / trainer