Activate Your AudienceTeach + Activate

As a teacher, you know this better than anyone: students and pupils only learn when they practise. So, you need to make them practise! But activating a group is not an easy task. Before you know it, you are lost in a dialogue while the rest is checking their mobiles. And you wanted to interact with the whole group!

Why not take the challenge to use didactic games in which everybody participates? Games are designed to activate. And by adding theatre skills to structure the game, you can change good old interaction into fresh excitement.

Besides games and structure, you will learn how to use other activation tools from theatre and prose. These will help you to incite curiosity and make your students see the picture behind your words.

All in all: Learn how to use and structure games, how to make your students curious and create movies in their minds. In short, learn everything that games and theatre have to offer.

3 half days – every 2 weeks - 3 hrs homework – 7 participants per trainer