Excite Your StoryTeach + Involve

Would you like your teaching to inspire people in the way the great stories do? Then learn to shape your lessons with story skills! Stories are made to excite, inspire and involve. They make us eager to hear more. And the good news is; all the stories in the world use one structure, which boils down to making your audience want something they can’t get.

But how to use stories if you have no Romeo or Juliet?

In that case you need a clever solution. We found that solution by translating the structure and principles of stories to fit your teaching regardless of the subject. So in this course you will learn the craft of story design in the context of your content. Besides learning how to build a story, you will also dive into the art of storytelling and acquire the tools to tell your story in the most compelling way.

If you want to inspire your class,
it is time to excite your story.

3 half days – every 2 weeks – 5 hrs homework - 7 participants per trainer