The Art of TeachingTeach, Reach, Activate + Involve

Combine theatre and activation skills and find that one and one is, actually, three. In this course, you will learn to reach your class with theatre skills, keep their attention levels up with style and activate them with games and arcs of tension.

Since this is a three-day course you will also have the opportunity to apply all the skills from the shorter theatre and activation courses in a seven minute mini-lesson. This allows you to internalise those tools much better and you will also have time to master the holy grail of performance skills: exaggeration of change. This is a skill that allows you to give every word you say the impact it deserves, and, at the same time, requires minimum effort on your part.

Discover how beautiful your teaching can be when everything comes together!

3 days / 6 half days – every 2 weeks – 3 hrs homework – 7 participants per trainer