Teaching with Theatre SkillsTeach + Reach

Would you like to get your teaching to a higher level? The first step is to realise that every word you say in class needs to bridge a distance to make an impact.

To create that impact you need theatre skills. They are the ground beneath your feet and applying these skills will change your students and pupils into active listeners. This course will teach you to really connect with your class and reach them with everything you say.

Result: They can’t escape your message !

Next you will learn to match your style with what you say and change the way you present when you change the subject. This results in even higher levels of attention and greater clarity. And when you add theatrical gestures to explain, and theatre skills to interact with, you have teaching tools that will last you a lifetime.

Extras: More energy, improved interaction, increased attention levels, clearer explanation, less preparation

Well… just better teaching.

3 half days – every 2 weeks – 3 hrs homework – 7 participants per trainer