Movie skills for teachersTeach, Reach + Activate Online

Eager to increase the quality of your teaching? Tired of explaining the same material over and over again? Make movies and flip your classroom. But if we see you on screen all the time, your movies better be good.

So how to be authentic and expressive if you are talking to a camera and not to real people? And how to make the most of your movies when you only have simple means such as a mobile and desk lamp at hand?

In this course we will work on performance skills in front of a camera. You will learn to reach your students on the other side of the screen and to make the most of your recordings with simple means.

And since teaching is always about activating your audience, we will also address the question of how to activate your viewer online.

3 half days – every 2 weeks - 3 hrs homework – 7 participants per trainer